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Robert G. Kerr, Carver

Text by Tom Davis

192 pairs of waterfowl are illustrated

Signed by the artist

Hardcover    140 Pages    8 " x 11"

Bob Kerr began carving decoys just a few years after World War II ended.  In those days decorative birds were carved only occasionally as a break from the business of carving a dozen or two dozen of the same species for use in a marsh or cove in a lake.  For years he carved only working decoys, but in the 1960s he attended the decoy show in Syracuse, New York.  He was captivated by the decorative waterfowl that he saw, and returned to his home in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada, determined to make the best decoratives he could create for next years contest.  He did and came home with a few blue ribbons.  Throughout the 1960s and 1970s he won many awards and established himself as one of the top carvers. 

One day, on a lark, he carved a pair of green-wing teal in miniature, approximately one-fifth life size.  Collectors loved them and he began to carve other species in the same scale.  One thing led to another until one collector asked him to carve and paint a pair of every duck, goose, and swan in the world.

The entire miniature collection plus many full-size carvings are photographed in this book.  It is a testimony to a carver who had a great influence on other carvers of that era and on present day carvers.  It contains 211 full color photos on 140 pages.  The format is 8 x 11 and 192 pairs of waterfowl in miniature are illustrated as well as some of Bobs early working decoys and some full-size decoratives.  The text by well-known writer Tom Davis is fascinating reading and gives much insight to the persona of Bob Kerr.  It is fascinating reading, and covers carvings that occur in no other book.  It is limited to 1,100 copies, all signed by Bob Kerr.


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