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1958 - )

Bart Walter was born 1958 in Baltimore, Maryland. After extensive experience working with wood, Walter began sculpting in clay in the late 1980s. His distinctive approach to surface, gesture and range of subject has brought him international recognition. He is primarily known for his loose representational style and unique approach to the handling of surface. His works, in both bronze and stainless steel, are highly expressive and reflect a deep and sympathetic understanding of his subjects. With a reputation for challenging the conventions when sculpting representational forms, Walter's use of space and composition is unmatched.

His philosophy can be summed up in his own words, "My art evolves from a passion for all living things. I strive to capture the essence of a living being; to explore some kernel of truth that may have gone unnoticed and to depict an otherwise elusive moment in time. In my mind's eye, I strip away all that is unnecessary, even as I build the sculpture with layer upon layer of clay. My goal is a distillation of the subject until only true essentials are left. If in so doing I can reveal some intangible spirit, make evident the soul of my subject, and communicate this in my art; then I have accomplished something real."

Walter primarily sculpts his subjects from life. He prefers to sculpt his subjects in the wild, but also refers to captive subjects when needed. He sketches his subject in either charcoal or pencil, rendering different views and prominent characteristics. His hands-on approach to each casting might be defined as classical, yet the results are often bold and innovative. His work has won the respect and admiration of collectors and curators, and can be seen on exhibition throughout the United States and abroad.

Solo Exhibitions
American Association of Museums Annual Meeting, Maryland 2000; Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Maryland 1997; A. G. Poulain Municipal Museum, France 1996; Saginaw Museum of Art, Michigan 1996; Franz Bader Gallery, Washington D. C. 1994; Reading Public Museum, Pennsylvania 1993.

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