ALASKA BIRD TRAILSby Herbert Brandt. Bird Research Foundation, 1943. Illustrated by Allan Brooks, E. R. Kalmbach and others. First edition. Hardcover. D.J. 62 plates. Format: 7 x 9 . 464 pp. Condition: D.J. shows wear, book is fine.

ARIZONA AND ITS BIRD LIFEby Herbert Brandt. Bird Research Foundation, 1951. 1st edition. Illustrated by A. Brooks, G. M. Sutton, R. T. Peterson, T. M. Shortt, and E. R. Kalmbach. Green faux leather hardcover, gilt stamped. Decorative endpapers. Format: 8 x 10 . 723 pp. Condition: Fine.

BIRDS OF ALASKAby Ira Gabrielson & F. Lincoln. Stackpole & Wildlife Management Inst. 1959. First edition. Illustrated by Olaus Murie & Edwin Kalmbach. Hardback. D.J. Format: 6 x 9. 922 pp. Condition: D.J. shows wear, book is fine.

WESTERN DUCK SICKNESS - A FORM OF BOTULISMby E. R. Kalmbach. Dept. of Interior Bulletin #411, May, 1934. Dr. Edwin Kalmbach isolated the bacteria and discovered the reasons for the mass die-off of wild ducks in the west during the 1930s. It was a major breakthrough in wildfowl conservation and was a major factor in the formation of Ducks Unlimited. Dr. Kalmbach also designed the 1941-42 federal duck stamp featuring Ruddy Ducks. Softcover. Format: 6 x 9. 82 pp. Condition: Very good.


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