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1951 - )

If ever there was an artist whose work reflected his personality, it's Phil Scholer. The man and his art are both very quiet, gentle, and serene. The soft, subdued light which has almost become a trademark tells the viewer a great deal about the nature of the artist. He is as deliberate and uncomplicated as his paintings. With Phil it's "what you see is what you get."

Philip Vernon Scholer was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on July 7, 1951. Both of his parents were academically inclined and all the Scholer children were raised in an atmosphere which stressed education. His father's one true passion for recreation was camping . . . and not in the Winnebago- public-campsite fashion. Nearly every weekend in the spring, summer, and fall they packed their gear and headed into the wildlife wild country where they lived off the land, cooked over an open fire, and slept under the stars. It was from the many camping trips that Phil gained his love for nature and learned first-hand about the wild "critters."

After graduating from John Marshall High School in Rochester, he enrolled in the Mankato State University College of Fine Arts. Not being an advocate of "all work and no play" while at Mankato, Phil took a very active interest in pretty, young co-ed by the name of Sheryl Davids. Romance blossomed and shortly after Phil graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, they exchanged marriage vows.

During his final years in college, he and his roommates yearned for the companionship of a dog. Money was a scarce commodity so they chipped in and bought Andy, a five dollar puppy of black lab and water spaniel lineage. He seemed to take to Phil, so upon graduation, Phil took over sole ownership. Andy is twelve years old now but still capable of following Phil wherever he goes.

Though possessed with the qualities for far greater things, the only job open to Phil after graduation was that of a sign painter. He stuck with that for a year until a position opened up for a designer. The new job offered more flexible work hours, and he scheduled himself so that he had more time to do free-lance painting. He was on the verge of free-lancing full time when he won the Federal Duck Stamp Contest.

Phil was not always a painter of wildlife. During college and for some time thereafter, he painted landscapes and portraits. Then one day he saw a painting by another local artist by the name of Dave Maass. He was very impressed by the manner in which Maass incorporated birds into his landscape. New horizons appeared and his career in art began to take form.

Photography has been Phil's hobby for many years. It affords the opportunity to study nature closely and with much deliberation. He is most comfortable with a Minolta system although he does use other cameras.

Phil is not a hunter but has no objection to those who do. He has recently tried trap shooting and likes it well enough that he plans to pursue it as a sport. He is an ardent golfer and plays well enough to carry a ten handicap.

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