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Queen Lace Crystal

In a small village at the foot of the Black Forest, a few dedicated master craftsmen have been using their talent and expertise to create the most beautiful crystal in the world – Queen Lace Crystal.

Made entirely by hand, every piece of Queen Lace Crystal is mouthblown using the finest materials. Then, each piece is hand-cut and hand polished according to the highest traditional standards. Finally, a wildlife design is engraved on to the crystal using a Renaissance technique called copperwheel engraving.

Considered the rarest and most difficult of all the handicrafts, copperwheel engraving requires eight years of apprenticeship to master the technique. Typically, the engraver uses up to 50 different wheels to create a single engraving that takes more than 24 hours to complete. No wonder why copperwheel engraving is world famous for the elegance and clarity of the detail work.

As a family business for over 50 years, we are very proud of the craftsmanship of our crystal. To see the extraordinary detailing of the wildlife engravings is to understand why Queen Lace Crystal is called "the Rembrandts of crystal”. So share with us the majesty of these masterpieces which we have been creating for three generations.




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