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1922 - 2007)

On January 29, 1922, Edna Rosenau Preuss' talented son was born in Waterville, Minnesota, gateway to the southern Minnesota lakes region. The area surrounding his birthplace teemed with wildlife of all species and with the encouragement of his father, Emil W. Preuss, young Roger soon developed an intense interest in the outdoors; an interest which was to pave the way to a successful career in wildlife art. When he was only nine years old, he entered a color crayon drawing of a pair of bluebirds in a school art exhibit and captured the first of the many blue ribbons he has won.

Mr. Preuss is an alumnus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, a veteran of the Naval Reserve, and a former northwoods guide. He has won 21 international and national art honors and his paintings have been exhibited in many of the leading galleries and museums including the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Joslyn Art Museum; and the Montana State Historical Museum. He is a member of the exclusive Society of Animal Artists and has been elected a Fellow by the International Institute of Arts and Letters.

Not only has he won awards for his graphic art, but also for his outstanding decoys and numerous writings on wildlife. He is a long-standing member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America and his literature has appeared in both domestic and foreign periodicals. He authored and illustrated the book Outdoor Horizons; created the paintings featured in Twilight Over the Wilderness, by Olav Wallo; and is represented in other books by noted authors. His work has appeared in many national magazines including National Wildlife, Today's Art, Look, Western Canada Outdoor, and Sports Afield. He has designed conservation stamps for the National Wildlife Federation.

Mr. Preuss is widely known for his unique Wildlife of America ® conservation calendar which has been distributed since 1955. It features a Preuss painting and article for each month. One can obtain information regarding -his calendar, prints, and paintings by writing to Wildlife of America. His work can also be seen at Merrill's Gallery, Taos, New Mexico, and he is represented by the Gokey Co., St. Paul, Minnesota.

In spite of such a busy schedule, Mr. Preuss manages to find the time to be active in many conservation organizations. He has always been a champion of our much-maligned wildlife and wilderness areas. He was instrumental in founding Minnesota's first hospital for wounded wildfowl. He has served as state chairman of the National Wildlife Week committee for 17 years and occupied a position on the Minnesota State Ducks Unlimited committee for 11 years.

At the time of this writing he is president of the Minnesota Mycological Society, national vice-president of Wetlands for Wildlife, Inc., and a director of many other conservation groups. He is the recipient of the Wildlife Conservationist of the Year Award, the Sports Champion Award, the: Audubon Society Art Award, and the Art Print of the Year Award.

Mr. Preuss' studio-home is located in Minneapolis where, quite often, he allows the birds and animals that are the subjects of his paintings free rein in the studio. This close-at-hand live observation is invaluable to an artist who is engaged in creating wildlife paintings.

With so many responsibilities and widespread interests one would think that Mr. Preuss would have very limited time for pleasure and relaxation. This is not the case, however, for he and MarDee Ann, his wife of 18 years, take numerous field trips into the remote regions of a great many of our national parks. Careful observation of the wildlife in these untouched areas provides a bottomless well of information from which he draws inspiration for his artwork.

The Preusses maintain a second home near Waterville's beautiful Lake Sakatah. The welcome mat is always out for all friends-human and otherwise. The most regular backyard visitors are the numerous squirrels, rabbits, and birds that inhabit the area. He has entertained as many as thirty squirrels at once. He has gained the complete trust of many of the wild creatures and they will ride on his shoulder and sit on his lap while feeding. Occasion ally, he allows one or two of them into the studio where they serve as natural models for study sketches.

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