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As a small child, Lou Pasqua never doubted that someday he would become an artist. After being sidetracked for nearly twenty years in various areas of the graphic arts business, he got back on course.

Ready to fulfill his dream, he began researching art technique as well as artists whose work he admired. By applying what he learned, striving to continually improve, and setting very high standards, he now is realizing his dream.

Pasqua's work was immediately accepted by some of the most noted art dealers in the business. His wonderful images of sporting dogs have graced the covers of The Retriever Journal, The Pointing Dog Journal, Field Trial Magazine, and Canine Images.

His work also has appeared in Gray's Sporting Journal, Texas Outdoors and other publications. He has been the featured artist in both Canine Images and Field Trial Magazine.

Lou exhibits at the prestigious Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland, the Ward Museum in Salisbury, Maryland, Russell Fink Gallery, Lorton, Virginia, Collector's Covey, Dallas, Texas, among others.

Russell Fink Gallery P. O. Box 250 Lorton, VA 22199
Voice: 703-550-9699 Fax: 703-339-6150