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More George Northup:    Sculpture 

1940 - )

Encouraged many years ago by the resident artists Grant Hagen, Conrad Schwiering, John Clymer, Hollis Williford, Bob Kuhn and others to pursue creating images in metal, George Northup has made sculpture his life's work for more than 25 years.

His work has been widely acknowledged, honored, and collected.  It can be found in corporate and private collections across the country and throughout the world.  Most recently, he has created a series of stunning bronze and copper lamps that feature sculpted wild trout accented under a table light with a buffed copper shade.  In addition, George has teamed with legendary painter Bob Kuhn to create an exquisite migrating elk sculpture that leaves viewers breathless.

George spends many weeks each year traveling and researching his wildlife and sporting subjects.  He continually is pushing his creative mind in new directions with fellow artists, his family and his friends.  Not one to live life in a boring manner, George recently spent several days flying with top Naval combat aviators who treated him to a super-sonic jet ride.

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