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UNTAMED - The Art of Antoine-Louis Baryeby William R. Johnston & Simon Kelly. Walters Art Museum. Prestel, 2006. Many photos of the sculpture and graphic art of this legendary animalier. Blue cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 10 ½” x 11 Ύ”. 274 pp. Condition: New.

UPLAND GAME BIRDSby Edwin Sandys. MacMillan, 1902. Green cloth hardcover, gilt stamped. Top edge gilt. Illustrated by A. B. Frost, L. A. Fuertes, C. L. Bull, and J. O. Nugent. Format: 5 Ύ” x 8 Ό”. 427 pp. Condition: Ex library but in very fine condition. Library notes are in pencil. Nice copy.

UPLAND GAME MANAGEMENTby Floyd A. Johnson. Wildlife Management Institute, 1948. Cover painting by Walter A. Weber. Softcover. How to make property friendly to upland game. Format: 6” x 9”. 80 pp. Condition: Almost as new.

UPLAND GUNNINGby William J. Schaldach. A. S. Barnes, 1946. 56 reproductions of paintings and etchings by Schaldach. Brown cloth hardcover, gilt decoration, D.J. Format: 9 Ό” x 12 Ό”. Unpaginated. Condition: D.J. has edgewear, book is fine.

UTE I MARKERNAby Bruno Liljefors. Albert Bonniers, 1912. Hardcover, reddish-brown cloth with blindstamped gilt decorations and replica of Liljefors signature on front cover. Decorative endpapers. Text in Swedish. 33 full page color plates by one of the greatest wildlife artists. Inscribed as a gift to Dr. Henry Fairfield Osborn from Gerard and Ebba Deljear. Accompanying hand-written letter from another great wildlife artist, Francis Lee Jaques, to Dr. Osborn thanking him for the loan of the book. Letter is signed and dated May 1, 1931. Osborn was a famous geologist, paleontologist (he named several dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus Rex) and was president of the American Museum of Natural History from 1908 to 1933. Format: 16 ½” x 12” oblong. Unpaginated. Condition: Small stain on front cover, otherwise fine.

VANISHED SPECIESby David Day. Gallery Books, 1981. Documentation of nearly 300 species and sub-species that have gone extinct in the last 300 years. Well-illustrated and well documented. Green cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 9 ½” x 12 Ό”. 288 pp. Condition: About as new.

by Tim Halliday, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1978. First edition. Green cloth hardcover, gilt on spine, D.J. Illustrated in color and black & white by the author. Format: 6 ½” x 9 ½”. 296 pp. Condition: As new.

A VOICE FOR WILDLIFEby Victor Scheffer. Scribner’s, 1974. 1st edition. Green cloth hardcover. Illustrated by Ugo Mochi. Small tears in D.J. Format: 6 ½” x 9 ½”. 246 pp. Condition: Fine.

THE WARBLERS OF NORTH AMERICAby Frank M. Chapman. D. Appleton & Co., 1907. 1st edition. 24 full-page color plates by L. A. Fuertes and Bruce Horsfall. Blue cloth hardcover, gilt title, no D.J. Format: 7” x 9 Ύ”. 306 pp. Condition: Good +.

by Paul A. Johnsgard. University of Nebraska, 1968. 1st edition. Introduction by Peter Scott. D.J. Green cloth hardcover. Bookplate. Format: 7 Ύ” x 10”. 138 pp. Illustrated with many photos. Condition: Edges of D.J. frayed, book is fine.

THE WATERFOWL ART OF MAYNARD REECEby Maynard Reece and Roger Tory Peterson. Abrams, 1984. This is #301 of an edition limited to 650 signed and numbered copies. Quarter leather and cloth hardcover with matching cloth slipcase. Gilt embossed. Heavyweight paper. Format: 16 ½” x 14” oblong. 157 pp. Lavishly illustrated. Two large extra plates signed and numbered suitable for framing accompany the book. Condition: As new.

THE WATERFOWL OF NORTH AMERICAby Robin Hill. Morris Communications, 1987. First edition. Olive green cloth hardcover, marbled endpapers, D.J. Fifty-one full color, full page plates, plus sketches. Beautiful large-format coffee table book. Format: 12” x 16 Ό”. 133 pp. Condition: As new.

WATERFOWL OF NORTH AMERICAby Paul A. Johnsgard. Indiana Univ. Press, 1975. Comprehensive contemporary work on all waterfowl of North America. Olive green cloth hardcover, cloth spine, D.J. Format: 8” x 9 ½”. 575 pp. Condition: About as new.

THE WATERFOWL OF THE WORLD (THE)by Jean Delacour. Illustrated by Peter Scott. Country Life Limited, 1954-1964. First edition, first printing. 66 color plates plus numerous black & white drawings. Format: 7 ½” x 10”. Vol. I 284 pp., Vol II 232 pp., Vol. III 270 pp., Vol. IV 364 pp. Condition: Fine. Very minor wear to D.J., books are exceptional.

WATERFOWL STUDIESby Bruce Burk. Winchester Press, 1976. 1st edition, ex-library. Red cloth hardcover. D.J. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 254 pp. Condition: Good +.

WATERFOWL STUDIESby Bruce Burk. Winchester Press, 1976. 1st edition. Red cloth hardcover. Over 700 photographs of waterfowl. Useful for artists, carvers, and bird watchers. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 254 pp. Condition: Very fine.

WATERFOWL STUDIESby Bruce Burk. Winchester Press, 1976. Limited edition of 1,000 copies signed by publisher and author and numbered. This is #192. Bound in full bonded leather with silk marking ribbon. Slipcased. Format: 8 ½” x 11”. 254 pp. Hundreds of photos. Condition: As new.

THE WAYS OF WILDFOWLby Russ Williams. Illustrated by Richard E. Bishop. Brown & Bigelow, 1971. Deluxe limited edition. #1,914 of 3,000 copies. Full padded leather, slipcased. Color plate on front cover. Decorative endpapers. Format: 10 Ό” x 13 Ό”. 256 pp. Condition: Slipcase, very fine; book as new.

WESTERN DUCK SICKNESS - A FORM OF BOTULISMby E. R. Kalmbach. Dept. of Interior Bulletin #411, May, 1934. Dr. Edwin Kalmbach isolated the bacteria and discovered the reasons for the mass die-off of wild ducks in the west during the 1930’s. It was a major breakthrough in wildfowl conservation and was a major factor in the formation of Ducks Unlimited. Dr. Kalmbach also designed the 1941-42 federal duck stamp featuring Ruddy Ducks. Softcover. Format: 6” x 9”. 82 pp. Condition: Very good.

WHISTLING WINGSby Martin Bovey. Doubleday, 1947. 1st edition. Signed by author. Illustrated by F. L. Jaques. D.J. Green cloth hardcover, decorative gilt stamping. Format: 8 Ό” x 10 ½”. 162 pp. Condition: D.J. has small tear, book is fine.

WHITEWINGSby Clarence Cottam and James B. Trefethen. D. Van Nostrand, 1968. 1st edition. Illustrated by Bob Hines. Life history, status, and management of the white-winged dove. Brown cloth hardcover, gilt decoration, D.J. Format: 7 Ό” x 10 Ό”. 348 pp. Condition: D.J. has edgewear, book is as new.

WILD ANIMAL WAYSby Ernest Thompson Seton. Doubleday, Page & Co., 1917. Decorative olive-green cloth, no D.J. Illustrated by the author. Format: 6” x 8”. 247 pp. Condition: Fine.

WILD ANIMALS THAT HELP PEOPLEby Michael J. Walker. David McKay Co., 1977. How certain wild animals actually help humans. Brown cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 6 Ό” x 9 Ό”. 114 pp. Condition: Fine.

WILD BIRDS OF CANADA AND THE AMERICASby T. M. Shortt. Pagurian Press, 1977. 1st edition. Forest green cloth hardcover. D.J. Included with this book is a small 33 ¨χ r.p.m. record of bird calls. Format: 7 ¨φ‘± x 9 ¨φ‘±. 272 pp. Condition: Fine.

WILD BIRDS OF THE AMERICASby Terence Michael Shortt. Pagurian Press, 1977. Softcover. Format: 7” x 9 Ό”. 272 pp. Condition: As new.

WILD CHORUSby Peter Scott. Country Life, 1944. Trade edition. Nice art by Scott. Green cloth hardcover, no D.J. Format: 9” x 11 ½”. 120 pp. plus illustrations. Condition: Very good.

WILD GOOSE, BROTHER GOOSEby Mel Ellis. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969. Stated 1st edition. Off-white cloth hardcover. D.J. Format: 5 ½” x 8 Ό”. 159 pp. Condition: Book and D.J. as new, not price-clipped.

WILD PORTRAITS - Paintings & Drawings by
Ray Harris-Ching
by Ray Harris-Ching. Text by Peter Hansard. Seto Publishing, 1988. Limited edition #20 of 25 specially bound copies. Each copy contains an ORIGINAL drawing signed by Ray Harris-Ching and numbered in sequence with the book. Many color reproductions of paintings by one of the best bird artists of the 20th century. Sea-green cloth hardcover, deep red Ό leather, all edges gilt, sturdy cloth box. Format: 12” x 11 Ό” oblong. 216 pp. Condition: As new.

The American Game Breeders’ Cooperative Fed. Illustrated by Albert Earl Gilbert. Red leatherette hardcover, no D.J. as issued. Format: 7” x 9 Ό”. 136 pp. Condition: New.

WILDFOWL OF THE BRITISH ISLESby Peter Scott & Hugh Boyd. Country Life, 1957. 1st edition. Field guide. Sixteen color plates plus black & white decorations. Red cloth hardcover, gilt decoration, D.J. Format: 6 Ό” x 9 Ύ”. 64 pp. plus color plates. Condition: Fine.

WILDFOWL TRUST ANNUAL REPORTS33 volumes (complete) beginning with the first report in 1948 and ending with the report for 1982. All are softcover. Early volumes are quite rare. Format: 6” x 9 ½”. Number of pages vary from volume to volume. 1948 has 71 pp, 1956 has 240 pp, 1982 has 176 pp. Condition varies from good to very good for vols. 1-9, very good to fine for all others.

THE WILDFOWLER IN SCOTLANDby J. G. Millais. Longmans 1901. First edition. Half vellum. Format: 10” x 12”. 167 pp. Two full-color plates, nine photogravure, and ten other plates. Condition: Covers good, interior fine.

THE WILDFOWLER'S YEARby Aylmer Tryon. Illustrated by Hugh Monahan. 1952. First edition. Signed by author. Blue cloth hardcover. Pictorial D.J. Twelve color plates by Monahan. Signed copies somewhat rare. Format: 10” x 12 ½”. 93 pp. Condition: D.J. shows wear around edges. Book is fine.

by Joan M. Pursley. Portfolio Press, 2001. First edition, first printing. Blue hardboard, silver title, D.J. Format: 9 Ό” x 12 Ό”. 160 pp. Condition: Extra fine.

THE WILDLIFE ART OF NED SMITHby Scott Weidensaul. Stackpole, 2003. 1st edition. Blue cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 116 pp. Condition: As new.

WILDLIFE CONSERVATIONby Ira N. Gabrielson. McMillan, 1947. Red cloth hardcover, no D.J. Format: 6” x 8 ½”. 250 pp. Condition: Good.

by Susan Rayfield. Watson – Guptill, 1985. Techniques and examples of work by 11 highly respected wildlife artists. Green cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 8 ½” x 11 Ό”. 144 pp. Condition: As new.

Hardback catalog of works by Kuhnert and others. Pictorial cover. 1992. Format: 10 Ό” x 8 ½” oblong. 96 pp. Condition: As new.

by John T. Ordeman. Privately printed, 1988. Limited edition author’s copy signed by author. Ivory cloth, hardcover, slipcased. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 118 pp. Condition: As new.

by John T. Ordeman. Private printing, 1988. Deluxe limited edition #15 of 150 copies bound in ½ green leather and linen hardcover with gilt stamping. Slipcase is linen, gilt stamped. Original etching by Schaldach laid in. Format: 8 ½” x 11”. 118 pp. Well-illustrated. RARE. Condition: As new.

THE WIND ON YOUR CHEEKby William J. Schaldach. Freshot Press, 1972. Illustrated by author. Limited edition #156 of 200 copies. Tan quarter leather, gilt border, buckram boards hardcover. Top edge gilt. Pictorial endpapers, slipcased. Illustrated by author in color and black & white. Signed original etching bound in. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 159 pp. Condition: As new.

THE WIND ON YOUR CHEEKby Wm. J. Schaldach. Freshet Press, 1972. 1st edition. Ivory cloth hardcover. D.J. Format: 8 Ύ” x 11 Ό”. 160 pp. Well-illustrated by one of the leading sporting and wildlife artists in the 20th century. Condition: As new.

WINGS FROM COVER - Upland Images of Robert Abbetttext by Ed Gray. Great images by a great sporting artist. Brown leatherette hardcover, gilt title, D.J. Format: 12 Ό” x 9 Ό” oblong. Condition: As new.

WINGS OF PARADISE - The Great Saturniid Mothsby John Cody. Univ. of North Carolina Press, 1996. 72 full page color plates of the most colorful and impressive moths in the world with text on each one. Sounds boring, but actually pretty interesting. Red cloth hardcover, silver title, slipcased, D.J. Format: 9 Ό” x 12 Ό”. 163 pp. Condition: As new.

THE WOOD PIGEONby R. K. Murton. Collins, 1965. Green cloth hardcover, D.J. Format: 6” x 8 Ό”. 256 pp. Condition: Bookplate, otherwise, extra fine.

THE WORKS OF SIR EDWIN LANDSEERwith a history of his life. Virtue & Co., London, circa 1879. Format: 10” x 14”, 44 steel engravings of Landseer’s works. Condition: Fair. Originally bound in half black morocco but time and probably misuse has taken a toll on the binding. Interior is good +.

THE WORLD OF OWEN GROMMEby Owen Gromme. Stanton & Lee, 1983. Deluxe limited edition limited to 2,500 signed and numbered copies. This is copy #680. Ό faux leather on cream linen. Slipcased. Format: 13 3/8” x 10 Ύ”. 240 pp. Lots of artwork by Gromme. Condition: As new.

THE WORLD OF ROBERT BATEMANby Ramsay Derry. Madison Press, 1985. Hardcover. This is #104 of a deluxe edition limited to 950 signed and numbered copies on heavy paper. Ό blue leather on blue cloth boards. Blue cloth slipcase. Lavishly illustrated. Format: 15” x 13 Ύ” oblong. 168 pp. + appendix. Condition: Extra fine, almost as new.

THE WORLDS OF ERNEST THOMPSON SETONby John G. Samson. Knopf, 1976. 1st edition. Brown cloth spine over tan cloth hardcover. D.J. Great book about a great naturalist-artist. Reproductions of 57 paintings (36 in full color) and 71 drawings. Format: 11 ½” x 10 ½”oblong. 204 pp. Condition: Very fine.


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