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1917 - 2006)

Stanley Meltzoff was born in 1917. He served in World War II during which he became art editor of Stars and Stripes in Africa and Italy. After the war he resumed teaching (C.C.N.Y. and at Pratt Institute), continuing his own painting and learning to be an illustrator. His first major opportunity was an assignment to do covers for the reborn Scientific American. He eventually painted 60. His most notable advertising assignments were new chemical products for Rohm and Hass and a long list of subjects for United Engineers. Illustrations and covers were made for The Saturday Evening Post, Argosy, Field and Stream, and above all, Life. Subjects ranged in history fro prehistoric mastodon hunts, ancient Greece, the America Civil War, and political history to present-day high steel workers. Having been a diver by avocation for most of his adult life, Meltzoff was assigned to paint fish underwater for Dick Gangel at Sports Illustrated. Finding himself almost alone in this field he became a specialized painter of submersive subjects for Sports Illustrated and later National Geographic. In the process, his market gradually shifted to art galleries and large limited edition prints.

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