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1929 - )

Dave began his career without benefit of formal art education, but driven by an exceptionally strong will, he has become one of the top wildlife artists today.

Dave was born on November 27, 1929, in Rochester, Minnesota. As a young boy he raised pigeons and often brought home orphaned birds and animals. His stepfather took him hunting whenever he could and Dave's knowledge and love of wildlife grew in leaps and bounds.

After graduation from high school, he accepted a position with a leading manufacturer of high school and college jewelry. He quickly rose through the ranks to become art director.

In 1952 he joined the Marines and while stationed in California, became close friends with David Hagerbaumer, a fine wildlife artist in his own right. Under Hagerbaumer's coaching, Dave honed his skills to a fine degree.

Dave has won the federal duck stamp contest twice (1974 and 1982) and has designed many state duck stamps and conservation stamps. Dave's art has raised a tremendous amount of money for conservation. Three books have been written on his art; WATERFOWL AND UPLAND GAME BIRDS (1978), WILDFOWL ART OF DAVID MAASS (1990), and WILDFOWL OF NORTH AMERICA (1999).

He has been Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited (1974) and was elected Artist of the Year by the National Wildlife Art Collector's Society (1982).

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