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(1923 - 1990)

William Hollywood was born in Lancashire, England in 1923.  At an early age his parents moved to Belfast where he was educated.  He received his diploma in Art & Design from Belfast College of Art in Ireland.

He joined a commercial design studio, eventually forming his own business which he ran successfully for many years, until in 1968, as a result of a strong desire to establish himself as a creative artist, he left the commercial field and concentrated on painting wildfowl and game birds in their natural habitat - a lifelong interest.  A few years later he left Northern Ireland and set up home in the Republic of Ireland with his wife  Eileen.

He had immediate success, for his public were quick to realize that he had the ability to paint wildlife subjects in oil with unbelievable softness and richness portraying great feeling and knowledge.

Bill is a quiet, modest man, except on the subject of cruelty to animals which he detests in any form.  He states: "I am strictly a conservationist who loves the beauty of birds and I am fearful that in the near future few will be around to enjoy.  Therefore, I get great pleasure in painting them.

He is one of the few overseas members of the Society of Animal Artists.  He has exhibited at the Mooreland Gallery, London; Ackerman Gallery, London; the Sire Peter Scott Annual exhibition, Slimbridge; the County Landowner's Association Game Fair in Great Britain over many years; practically every important wildlife gallery in the British Isles, and the 1980 Bird Art Exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.  His paintings are in the Ulster Museum and Art Gallery and in many private collections throughout Europe and the U.S.

Hollywood passed away in late March, 1990.

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