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1978 - )

Jane Grimm was very pleased when her three-year-old son, Adam, would spend two or three hours each day drawing. It kept Adam out of much of the trouble that three-year-olds get into around the house. He drew anything which attracted his interest: cars, buildings, dragons, etc. Little did she realize that drawing and painting would become his profession.

When he was approximately seven years old, he took an interest in martial arts and divided his free time between the two "arts". By the time he was thirteen he had reached the zenith in martial arts by earning his black belt. It was also the age at which he first sold a drawing.

The thought of actually making a living by creating paintings of wildlife was intoxicating. He began exhibiting at local art and craft shows and did so well that it became difficult to keep up with the demand.

During those formative years, Adam's father, Leonard, took him hunting and fishing whenever he could and taught his young son to appreciate, understand, and respect all things in nature. The wonderful experiences Adam had in the field convinced him to concentrate on wildlife as the subjects for his art.

In 1988 the National Rifle Association held its first annual Youth Wildlife Art Contest. Nine-year-old Adam entered a sketch of a mountain lion and received an honorable mention. Four years later he placed third in this age category for his rendering of a wood duck. In 1993, at the age of 15, he won the overall blue ribbon. He followed up with a win in 1995 and again in 1996. Also in 1996 he placed fourth in the Junior Duck Stamp Contest sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Winning the Federal Duck Stamp Contest had been a goal for Adam for as long as he could remember. In November, 1999, his dream came true. After a tie-breaking vote, Adam's design of a mottled duck emerged as the winner, and at age 21 he became the youngest artist to win the coveted award. (Adam was born on August 5, 1978 in Elyria, Ohio.)

Adam doesn't collect any specific category of items. He collects whatever he thinks, in his words, "is neat". His grandfather, who was a major influence in his life, collected civil war memorabilia, and amassed an extensive collection. He gave Adam some choice pieces which he treasures and has displayed in his room.

His passion for hunting is nearly equaled by his desire to fish. So far, his fishing has been confined to freshwater lakes, including the Great Lakes, rivers, and farm ponds. Although he hasn't had the opportunity to do any saltwater fishing yet, it is definitely in his plans for the future.

Adam is a dedicated hunter and long-standing member of the NRA and Ducks Unlimited. Although he supports other conservation organizations, he credits the NRA and DU with helping him the most. After wining the contest, he showed his support for the NRA by wearing his membership pin to the official functions required by the contest rules.

Maggie is a five-year-old black Labrador retriever who has the good fortune of belonging to Adam Grimm. She travels with him whether it's ducks or upland game. Adam laughs when he tells this story:

We were duck hunting and Maggie was tied to a large log - about 10 feet long and 6 inches in diameter - so that she wouldn't break when the guns were fired. But shots were fired and a wounded mallard drake was on the water. Maggie broke and, taking the log with her, hit the water and swam after the crippled duck, snagging a few decoys on the log along the way. She chased the duck to the other side of the lake, made the retrieve on land and swam back; log, decoys, duck, and all.

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