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(1926  -  2012)

Willard Bond was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up on Lake Couer díAlene in northern Idaho. After working with the Forest Service, Bond joined the Navy. He acquired experience on battleships, cruisers and destroyer escorts while serving in the South Pacific during World War II. After the war ended, Bond spent several years exploring a variety of artistic paths which led him from making ceramics in Soho to building Buckminster Fuller inspired geodesic domes in the tropical rain forest.

In 1976, Bond returned to New York, where he began painting square rigged ships. The acceptance of his marine paintings by the South Street Seaport Museum coincided with the Bicentennial and OP Sail. As he continued to explore sailing and the sea, Bondís inspiration moved form square-riggers to the contemporary racing scene with its spinnakers, bloopers and grinders. The advent and design of today's sleek racing boats coupled with Bondís artistic interpretation have proven to be a perfect match. Bond was fortunate to become involved with the Freedom Syndicate during the 1984 Americaís Cup series. Since then, he has continued to get on board experience on world class racing yachts.

Bond has studied at the Chicago Art Institute, the Art Student's League of New York, and is a graduate of Pratt Institute. He is a fellow member of the American Society of Marine Artists. Bond has been featured in Sea History, Nautical Quarterly, and The Yacht.

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