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by Stephen B. O'Brien, Jr. & Julie Carlson Wildfeuer

Published: 2009

Limited to 1,000 copies

Hardcover  ·  227 Pages  ·  11" x 12"

This is the most comprehensive book to date on the artist, chronicling paintings from his early life and work, illustrations and murals, landscapes and cityscapes, scenes of the south and his well-known sporting art. The 230 page book includes over 200 color images. Through the numerous illustrations, The Art of Aiden Lassell Ripley documents the artist’s progression and growth, from his initial rise as an Impressionist to his accurate and detailed depictions of his outdoor passions that continue to shape sporting art today.

The product of extensive research, this book is the most complete account of the artist’s life and work. O’Brien literally retraced the artist’s footsteps traveling hundreds of miles from the beautiful lowland quail country of northern Florida to the wild Atlantic salmon rivers of northern New Brunswick. O’Brien spent countless hours examining the work of the artist in order to observe Ripley’s artistic evolution and gathered additional research through personal interviews with friends of the artist. The authors read through the extensive biographical data held in the Archives of American Art at the Smithsonian Institution. They reviewed old exhibition catalogs, past articles and personal letters in order to present a thorough account of Aiden Lassell Ripley’s (1896-1969) life.

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